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5 Ways to Improve Your Health and Lose Weight


Someone once said that a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. If you want to make a positive change to your lifestyle, a healthy diet, better, sleep and less stress can help. About 65% of Americans are overweight and some are considered obese. For most people, an unhealthy lifestyle is …

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What are the properties of vitamin E?

properties of vitamin E

What are the properties of Vitamin E? Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. Vitamin E exists in eight different forms (isomers): alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherol, alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocotrienol. Alpha-tocopherol is the most active form in humans. The dosage and recommendations of daily …

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The great benefits of maca

the benefits of maca

Andean indigenous communities have used maca for centuries as a source of healing and feeding, but only recently started to gain popularity in Western diets. So today I want to talk about the great benefits of maca. It is a herbaceous of the Andean mountains of Peru and Bolivia and …

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Harmful foods with artificial colors

damage of artificial colors

Last week we shared with you the benefits and advantages of natural colors in food, but what happens with foods that have artificial colors? From cereals, soft drinks, cakes, condiments, cookies, potatoes, sweet and very nearly everything we find in the super has artificial colors. Why they are bad? Because …

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