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Fielding Charities

Fielding Charities Spotlights the Kiva Organization

The experts at Fielding Charities share information on the nonprofit organization Kiva.

Fielding Charities is devoted sharing the good work of worthwhile charity and nonprofit organizations all over the world because it believes that with the help of the right supporters, these groups can make true change in the world. Begun by commercial real estate expert Brian Fielding, this organization makes a point of highlighting organizations that are doing great work for the causes that they support and deserve more exposure. Today Fielding Charities would like to highlight the Kiva organization.

Kiva is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs who have no access to traditional loans, most of whom are in underdeveloped parts of the world, to lenders who can help finance their small businesses. Supporters help make these businesses possible by making micro loans as small as 25 dollars. With the help of microfinance institutions, volunteers, and supporters who make these small loans, Kiva goal is to help alleviate poverty by bringing up small business owners around the world and helping them increase commerce in their communities. Little by little, these entrepreneurs raise the funds that they need, and are able to begin their small businesses, and eventually pay back their loans.

To date, Kiva has have over a million lenders help small businesses all over the world, and over 800 million dollars in loans have been made in 84 different countries. Those who lend with Kiva can also rest easy, not only because their small loan is making a huge difference, but because they also have security in the loans that they are making, with Kiva lenders seeing a 98% repayment rate. There is little risk that a loan will not be repaid, and all the money is handled by trusted field partners who will work closely with the borrowers to help them build their small businesses with the loans that they receive.

Fielding charities would also like to share that those who are interested in supporting this organization directly can also make a traditional donation. These kinds of donations will go towards covering the annual costs of running the organization, to train volunteers, and to promote outreach. Loans made through Kiva go directly to the borrowers, Kiva takes no percentage, and so only direct donations to the organization itself keep it up and running. Whether individuals are interested in supporting small businessmen and women through direct loans, or in supporting Kiva with a donation, they can visit www.kiva.org to learn more.

Brian Fielding is very experienced in the commercial real estate field, and during his many years in the industry he has come to recognize just how important it is for everyone to give back to their communities and to support worthwhile charity organizations. Fielding Charities was created to help bring attention to deserving charities and to pair them with supporters who can help them meet their goals. To learn more about the mission of Fielding Charities, or to submit a charity organization to be reviewed by Fielding Charities, please visit http://fieldingcharities.com/.

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