Doctor Yusuf Mosuro Highlights Recent Talks on Controlled Substance Prescribing

Doctor Yusuf Mosuro Highlights Recent Talks on Controlled Substance Prescribing

Doctor Yusuf Mosuro reviews a recent talk that he gave at both the Conroe Medical Center and the ANPA.

Doctor Yusuf Mosuro has often taken an interest in passing on important information about new developments, research projects, and studies in the medical field. He believes in educating both the general public and others in his field with his knowledge of pain management and treating chronic pain. Because Doctor Yusuf Mosuro believes sharing this kind of knowledge is so vital to helping the healthcare industry and the medical field grow, he accepts and is honored by all of the opportunities that he receives to give talks and speeches and to share his knowledge with others. He had been proud to be able to take part in several such opportunities in the recent months, and today he would like to recount two of his most recent talks.

In December, Dr. Mosuro was asked to be a guest speaker for the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas. The organization is otherwise known as the ANPA. When Dr. Mosuro was asked to speak by the ANPA, he chose to give a talk about the prescribing of controlled substances. This presentation was entitled Controlled Substances Prescribing – The Legal Implication. This presentation sought to inform the attendees at the presentation about controlled substances, the Controlled Substances Act, controlled substances schedules, and CDC guidelines about opioids. He was also careful to detail the risks of substance abuse and the common opioid addiction problems that are faced in the United States. His interest in the subject of this talk also encouraged Doctor Yusuf Mosuro to give this presentation again at another important engagement.

In addition to the talk for the ANPA, Doctor Yusuf Mosuro was also recently asked to give two lectures at the Conroe Medical Center in Texas. For the physicians at the center, Mosuro prepared two presentations. First Mosuro again presented his speech about Controlled Substance Prescribing. In addition, he offered a second presentation entitled The Role of Naloxone in the Opioid Abuse Epidermic. In this presentation Mosuro detailed the opioid abuse problems that are currently being faced in the United States and in different parts of the world, and described how Naloxone is currently being used to treat these kinds of addictions and prevent further opioid abuse and addiction.

Both of these presentations were of the upmost importance to the pain management specialist as they help others in the field understand the risks and rewards of different pain treatments. He hopes that those in attendance at both of these recent events were able to appreciate the information that he shared and additionally he looks forward to future opportunities to share his experiences and knowledge with others. To find more of Mosuro’s presentations, articles, and information on the most innovative new pain management techniques and treatments please visit

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