2019-nCoV Coronavirus originating in Wuhan

COVID 19 What the Media Won’t Tell You

When we all look at the theories of how this pandemic started, we all have our thoughts. Some will say it started from a wet market in Wuhan Province, China. While others say, it was the global elites trying to further their globalization agenda. Maybe this was intentionally spread to result in a new world order run by elite billionaires. One thing is for sure; this corona is not like a regular Flu strand or the beers that I drink.

This virus has caused the world’s economy to fall into a tailspin that hasn’t been seen in more than 30 years.

Has anyone heard of the Bat Lady?

Her name is Shi Zhengli, known as China’s ‘Bat Woman’ after years spent on arduous virus-hunting expeditions in caves that have led to a series of critical scientific discoveries she may hold the key to the truth.

Well, everyone agrees that a bat didn’t fly from a cave from another province to the Wuhan Insitute of Virology. This institute focuses on viruses and then hopes to develop vaccines. However, what they do that you don’t know is that they practice a theory called Game of Function; this means they try to enhance the virus to make it stronger and deadlier.

Corona virus, mysterious viral pneumonia in Wuhan

The Wuhan Insitute of Virology should be a level 4 center, yet it seems like more of a level 2. So we will never really know what happened because the Bat lady is sworn to secrecy, and the Chinese communist regime has destroyed the evidence, allegedly.

So what is Game of Function?

Imagine in Jurrasic Park the original, when the Raptors tested the fence for weakness; this is the opposite. How can they make it stronger?

Taking a Virus such as Corona and enhancing it to make it deadlier then trying to find a cure. First, you create the pathogen then start with looking for the treatment. So what happens when the facility has a breach and contamination is spread? The havoc that’s what happens pure devastation.

Is this the Chinese Threat to the New World Order?

Maybe, who really knows for sure not the W.H.O, we all feel a little cheated there like possibly some cover-up. We will never know for sure, will we? So it may have been an accident? Then again, was it?

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