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Car Dealer and Oil Change Scams Buyer Beware

2. Dealerships and Oil Shops Like to Upsell Their Services


Many oil shops offer more than oil changes. Whether before or after the actual oil change, the mechanic will conduct a quick inspection of your car. They like to check things like brake lights, turn signals, wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and air filter, among a few other things.

Even though it’s good to know if your brake fluid needs to be topped up or that a turn signal has burnt out, some oil change shops like to convince customers specific maintenance tasks needs to be completed sooner than necessary. The best way to stop them in their tracks is by keeping a detailed log of the maintenance performed on your car.

Another way to prevent a quick lube shop from running a maintenance scam on you is by doing a quick inspection of your own before getting your oil changed. There is no telling what they’re doing to your vehicle while you’re sitting in the waiting room.


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