Best Place to Travel 2019 (8-1)

Best Place to Travel 2019

5. Tahiti

The largest island in French Polynesia is a romantic holiday destination characterized by lavish overwater bungalows where visitors get to relax. Beyond these top-of-the-line resorts, you’ll come across the rare black sand beaches of Tahiti with amazing surfing conditions to take on the waves. The bustling capital also presents you with shopping opportunities and the chance to experience the local culture. If you are thinking of visiting Tahiti, the easiest and most pocket-friendly way to discover this magical island would be on a cruise.

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6. Yellowstone National Park

For many Americans, a visit to Yellowstone is like a rite of passage. This unique National Park will give you a raw and unadulterated up-close experience with nature that will leave you begging for more. Get to delight in the scenic waters of the Grand Prismatic Spring and the hourly displays by Old Faithful. The Grand Canyon provides terrific hiking trails, and you get to kick back and enjoy the views of the Yellowstone Lake. The picturesque Rocky Mountain landscape will leave in awe as you get to experience nature in one of the first wildlife preserves in the world.

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7. South Island, New Zealand

From the imposing mountains to the spectacular fjords and glaciers, the South Island in New Zealand is awash with awe-inspiring landscapes in every turn you take. Channel your inner Evel Knievel in the daredevil city of Queenstown and discover some of the most reachable glaciers the world has to offer on the West Coast. Don’t forget to go on a culinary adventure with sumptuous meals and wine to dine in Marlborough. You will also get the opportunity to kayak your way through the Milford Sound which was formed by a moving glacier.

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8. Sydney

The Sydney metropolis is famous for its iconic array of landmarks including the immaculate Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Sydney Harbor. This legendary Australian city is blessed with a warm and sunny climate that is perfect for indulging in the numerous seasonal events and festivals Sydney has to offer. You can’t forget the pebble sandy beaches of Bondi, Coogee, and Manly.
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