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Best Buggy Tours In Curacao For Fun and Adventure

Best Buggy Tours In Curacao are the best fun. Tourists visiting Curacao are always looking for fun and adventure. The best Buggy tours in Curacao are with Banda Abou. Starting with A romantic tour of the city, then the fun begins.

Join us on a Safari in Curacao and get to know the beautiful nature on the rugged north side, the quiet/peaceful inland, and the beautiful south side, where you can cool down in the stunning/gorgeous blue waters of Curacao. The choice is yours whether to enjoy the weather during a day tour or a romantic sunset tour on the best Buggy tour in Curacao.

Best Buggy Tours In Curacao For Fun and Adventure

Best Buggy Tours In Curacao

On the inhospitable north side of the island, we will travel through the Mondi (forest) in John Deere Gators, which are suitable for the rugged roads where standard (rental) cars cannot go.

Our route will take us past the following sights:

The Landhuis Ascension has a spooky history. Due to the rough oceans, a lot of wreck wood is washed ashore on Boca Patrick. Additionally, you can see volcanic soil there.

Best Buggy Tours In Curacao For Fun and Adventure (3) 2

The Natural Jacuzzi (Suplado): This blowhole displays the extreme forces of the ocean. It is both fantastic to observe and wonderfully refreshing.

We will continue our tour through the Kunuku and inland countryside. You’ll see an original Kunuku house, a bolo bakery where traditional sweets are made, and impressive mango trees. You’ll gain an understanding of the country lifestyle in Banda Abou.

We will capture your moments with stunning photography during the tour.

Lastly, we’ll stop at a lovely private beach on the south side. Here, you can sunbathe, swim, and snorkel. We’ll serve a culinary BBQ at this beach.

Four meat and fish courses will be served at the BBQ, including a selection of side dishes and dressings, famous Peter-Saté sauce, fresh salads, and oven-baked bread. Our professional chef Peter will prepare all of this. If you have special dietary requirements, our chef will gladly accommodate them and discuss them in advance.

After one last look at the gorgeous view, we will return to our starting point.

Is There BBQ?

You can book this tour without our delicious food by choosing the day tour. This tour always needs a dinner barbecue. The various prices are listed below.

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Tour by Day or Sunset

A day tour without a barbecue is available from 8:30-13:15

A sunset tour with dinner on the water from 13:30-19:00 is also available.

These are tours that people will remember for the rest of their lives. And we all live once; as we know, life is short. So, when in Curacao, check out the top-rated Buggy tours.

For more information, please visit VacaySaver.com

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