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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Invites Travelers to Winter Baseball Season in the Dominican Republic

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Invites Travelers to Winter Baseball Season in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic baseball season is heating up, and Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club wants guests to take part in all the action.

The winter months in the Dominican Republic are full of exciting events.  Artistic events, concerts, holiday celebrations, all of these are available to Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club members who are headed to the Dominican Republic this season, making it the ideal destination for those who want to put a special touch on the holiday season by spending it in an exciting, luxurious, beachside destination. Of all of the upcoming events that are available in the Dominican Republic during the winter months, none are quite as anticipated as the winter baseball season.

The winter season of professional Dominican Republic baseball brings out some of the biggest sports fans in the world to engage in the thrill of the competition. The official start of the winter baseball season was October 21st, so now the season is in full swing, and ready to invite baseball fans to games held in stadiums all over Santo Domingo. The regular season games run every night of the week, giving Dominican Republic visitors the chance to come out and enjoy a game that will easily fit into their vacation itinerary. The season is obviously appealing to sports fans, but the family friendly aspect of the sport also makes attending one of the upcoming games a great choice for a family outing as well.

The regular winter baseball season ends on December 21st, but it is not nearly the end of baseball excitement in the Dominican Republic. Travelers who plan on coming to stay with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club after Christmas will also have opportunities to enjoy an even greater level of competition as the playoffs will begin after the holiday, and run well into the New Year. The playoffs will take the Dominican teams not only to Santo Domingo but to Santiago, San Pedro de Macoris, and to a number of other cities all over the country. The competition will be fierce, and the country is ready to erupt in excitement for this thrilling sporting season. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club does not want its guests to miss out on a moment of the fun, so be sure to include attendance to one of these exhilarating games in any upcoming visit to the Dominican Republic. To learn more about upcoming games, participating teams, and all the latest news on the season, check out http://www.lidom.com/.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers its members stunning resort stays, world class features, and accommodations that can fit the needs of every traveler, from stunning live entertainment to luxurious spa features. From the resort, a stay in the Dominican Republic is easily customizable, and guests have access to endless attractions and events throughout the destination. Visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com/ to start planning an incredible holiday season visit to the Dominican Republic.

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