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You’re Listening Live! Chris Devine and the Radio

You’re Listening Live! Chris Devine and the Radio

It is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. The advent of the radio brought news, music, sports, and other items into households, and played a massive part in bringing the world closer together.

Radio has been there during Pearl Harbor, on D-Day, when the Giants won the pennant, and when man walked on the moon. For over one hundred years, radio has played a vital part in our daily lives, and although its importance has changed with television and the internet, it continues to sends its signals loud and clear in the twenty first century and beyond.

Chris Devine understands this, and the power that radio advertising has had on America.

We’re a nation shaped by advertising. The computer or phone you’re reading this on, you might have bought it because of the advertising of the product. Any magazine, or commercial on television is advertisers trying to reach consumers, and radio is no different. The radio jingles for Coca-Cola and Oscar-Mayer hot dogs are famous for their catchiness and the products they advertise, and have become part of our lexicon.

The radio has been there through some of the greatest points in history.

From the famous call of the crash of the Hindenburg blimp, Joe Louis knocking out Max Schmeling in the first round of the fight that pitted two ideologies against each other, or Harry Truman announcing that the United States had dropped an atomic bomb on Japan, and changed the world forever. Radio has the ability to pinpoint moment’s in time, and save them for future generations. It can be fun now to listen to events on the radio, instead of watching them on television. One gets an entirely different appreciation for, say a speech or a ballgame. It focuses less on what is being done for the cameras, and more on what the actual event is. Try listening to a baseball game on the radio, and see how good of a job the announcer does at describing the action.

Chris Devine also understands the power that radio can have in reaching the masses.

Famous figures in American history rose to prominence, in part because of the radio. Take Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for example. The thirty-second President of the United States helped steer our nation through one of our most important wars, World War II. Using his “fireside chats”, he calmed a terrified country at the end on 1941, got it up and working again in ’42 and ’43, and brought it to victory in ’45.

Chris Devine aims to reach the people in the same fashion. Through advertising and the power of voice, he aims to bring people closer together. It wouldn’t be on the same scale as FDR, of course, but in the day and age where we’re closer than ever before, Chris Devine believes that the internet and radio are important to getting his message out and to the people of the world. To learn more about this amazing invention please visit http://chrisdevineradio.com/

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