Yellowstone With Kevin Costner Shatters Ratings


The cast:

The cast is amazing. Kevin Costner, of course, does a wonderful job as always. It’s hard to tell whether the other cast members are so great because he brings it out of them, he allows them to shine. Or, they have to give it their all if they have any hope of keeping up with him. Cole Hauser has thrown everything he’s got into his role as Rip Wheeler. He has become Rip, or Rip has become him? They’ve blended so coherently that it’s amazing to behold. When your cast gives it the all like Cole has you are in for a real treat, that’s for sure. Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelsey Chow, and Kelly Reilly all-star as members of the Dutton family. All were performing wonderfully. But outshining them all is Kelly Reilly.


The Hidden Gem:

Kelly Reilly is outperforming even the wildest expectations of her super fans with her role as Beth Dutton. She’s amazing; it’s hard to put into words; you should instead see for yourself. Kelly Reilly already had a successful career as a stage actor before the show started. She even received a nomination for the Laurence Olivier award for best actress in 2003. Here’s the real kicker. She’s a London stage actor. She’s English/Irish with an accent to match, but you would have NO idea given how convincing and charming her accent is in the show. The show has taken someone like Kelly who shouldn’t have fit anywhere near as well as she has, and made her the star. She may not have the lead, but she’s stolen the limelight. If you haven’t seen the show, if you haven’t seen Kelly, I would strongly encourage you to do so.


Kelly Reilly


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