Though an exact time and date are not yet scheduled, about 20 oil-on-canvas paintings created between 2013 and 2015 are ready to be displayed, Hassan Kouhen said in a telephone interview from Casablanca.

“I am always searching for something different and beautiful,” said Kouhen. “You can always see the touch of the artist creating the art, but I keep changing my style.”

His “thing” at the beginning of his career was color. Fans like Anne Bancroft lauded Hassan Kouhen’s use of color, using adjectives such as “unexpected,” “experimental” and “vibrant.” As his career progressed, he began to seek out darker and darker colors, changing from pallets smeared with bright hues to the use of more blacks and whites. Now Hassan Kouhen has begun once again to incorporate more color into his paintings.

That change in style may have something to do with Hassan Kouhen’s nomadic lifestyle. Born in Morocco in 1955, he took his love of art to Vancouver, Canada, in 1977 to study fine arts. Only two years later, he had his first exhibition in 1979. After moving to California, his work was shown in The Beverly Hills Art Gallery in Los Angeles; The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills; and galleries in Palm Springs and Laguna Hills among others.

After a time, Hassan Kouhen returned to Morocco, showcasing his artwork in his home country. In fact, his art has been featured in Casablanca’s Venise Cadre Gallery for the last 10 years. However, the now 59-year-old artist never really settled there, choosing to spend his time between Morocco and California.

No matter the colors on his canvases or where he is in the world, Hassan Kouhen has never lost the love of art that drove him to pursue it as a career decades ago.

“An artist’s life is hard,” he said. “It used to be about passion, and now it’s more commercial.

“It doesn’t stop me, though,” he added. “I always try to create something better. I always try to create something new.”

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