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Will There Be a Rambo 5 with Sylvester Stallone (4)

Will There Be a Rambo 5 with Sylvester Stallone

TotesNewsworthy says Let It Go
First Blood #bestmovieever

The second Rambo movie was released in 1985. It features Rambo getting approached with a deal by the authorities to go back to Vietnam and help rescue the remaining POWs in return for his freedom; something he agrees to. Part III of the Rambo movies came three years after the second one and this time, Rambo takes his talents to Afghanistan to rescue his fellow countrymen. He also goes to the Soviet Union to rescue his commander, who had been detained. In the final movie made of the Rambo series, which came out in 2008, Rambo is considering secondary careers as a ferryman and snake catcher when he stumbles upon a missionary pastor who hires to lead mercenaries through the area.

Will There Be a Rambo 5 with Sylvester Stallone (3)

After the success of Rambo IV, fans of the franchise have been asking themselves, will there be a Rambo 5? Well, according to word on the street, the highly anticipated movie is finally in the making and will supposedly hit the theaters on September 20th, this year. Sylvester Stallone hinted this on his personal Instagram account when he teased fans with a poster. Fans can expect a reincarnation of the famous action figure in Sylvester Stallone Rambo 5. The synopsis still involves Rambo going on a rescue mission. But this time around, he’ll be assisting a pal in bringing back her daughter who was kidnapped in Mexico while attending a party in what will also involve busting a sex-trafficking ring and bringing down a dangerous drug lord.

If you’ve been an avid follower of the Rambo movie series, you’ll want to mark the date as Rambo V promises to be just as stimulating and action-packed as its previous releases.

Also, TotesNewsworthy feels Sylvester Stallone was robbed of his Best Supporting Actor Oscar in the Movie Creed. That was one of his best parts ever, and he is the best action hero of all time.
Better than this Arnold fellow, it’s ok Gov to be second to the Italian Stallion. I am just joking Mr. To the Chopper Now.

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