sleep good is important for being healthy
Dr. Sotonwa suggests to sleep well this holiday season

Why Sleep is Vitally Important for Health?

When the holiday season arrives, too many people cram their schedules full and cut back on sleep, according to internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, who has a few tips for getting the right amount of sleep during the busy season.

It’s easy for people to lose track of the number of hours they sleep, especially when parties, recitals, family reunions and all the other holiday obligations call. But, Dr. Kayode Sotonwawarns, everyone should do their best to maintain a healthy sleep routine when busy schedules approach. He offers several tips to help anyone who feels pressured to cut back on sleep hours during December and January’s big holidays.

First, Dr. Sotonwa says, revelers should be careful not to eat within at least two hours of bedtime. For those who feel they must have a snack, milk and perhaps a cracker or plain piece of toast is okay. Eating a heavy meal too close to bedtime can disrupt sleep cycles. Unfortunately, holiday meals and late snacking are part of the season’s ritual, but need not be.

Second, during the winter holidays it is vitally important to maintain a normal sleep cycle. Even when a person needs to stay up late to tend to visitors, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says that the morning wake-up time should be kept as usual, even if that means a bit of fatigue during the day. Making sure that the body’s internal clock is not disrupted by the holidays is a good idea and will help most people avoid feeling exhausted when the busy months come to an end.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa also notes that everyone can, at the very least, cut back on caffeine and alcohol during the festive season. Both substances are major sleep interrupters and are often a problem during celebrations when the coffee and wine flows unabated. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says that it is a good idea to cut way down on alcohol drinks and caffeine in order to maintain healthy sleep routines.

Finally, Dr. Sotonwa advises that people not cut back on their regular exercise regimens just because the holidays have arrived. It is common for busy families to change their schedules during this time by cutting out a bit of sleep time and eliminating exercise sessions. Moderate daily exercise is an essential part of a healthy sleep routine and should not be eliminated just because of a busy holiday season. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says that a person’s regular sleep pattern should be maintained year round, even when life becomes hectic.

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