meatless burger with red cabbage

Why Meatless Burgers Are Not That Healthy

What’s the alternative?

If you’re concerned about the effect mass meat productions have on the environment, one option is simply to eat less meat, perhaps once a day, rather than two or three times as many people do. There are other great sources of protein you can fill your diet with, some of them much healthier.

If you don’t want to miss out on the burger, consider eating veggie burgers instead. They’re healthier than these new meatless burgers and still don’t contain real meat. Consider making your own to avoid the excessive additives contained in store-bought veggie burgers, which are also not good for your health. There are great recipes on the internet for making your own veggie burgers, so give it a try!

Eating less meat altogether and diverting to more natural options is better for your health with the same benefits. Take care of yourself and the planet.

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