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Why Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce Is Important

Benefits of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce

Even though the idea behind a Chamber of Commerce is over four centuries old, these pillars of the community still carry with them a lot of weight. Those who join a local Chamber of Commerce enjoy several benefits that make becoming a member entirely worth it.

Increase Awareness of Your Business

Businesses that join their local Chamber of Commerce get more exposure. Just ask any knowledgeable SEO specialist, and they will tell you that Google loves Chambers of Commerce.

When you consider how much you pay the Chamber in annual dues compared to all the exposure being a member gets you, the value of your return on investment (ROI) is pretty significant. Nevertheless, you should sign up for a Google My Business account and get it set up for this to work in your favor.

Your Business Looks More Trustworthy

Just like the aforementioned BBB, when consumers see that your business is a trusted member of the local Chamber of Commerce, they’re more likely to trust you. More consumer trust translates into more consumer business.

Cultivate Loyal Customers With Incentives

One of the great things about the Chambers of Commerce of the 21st Century is that most, if not all, of them, have a website of some kind.

As a part of membership, your local Chamber of Commerce should allow you to post coupons to their website free of charge (it comes as a package deal when you pay dues). Since most people these days use smartphones, you can make things much easier by offering QR codes as coupons, so users only need to scan your QR code and go — what an excellent way to win new, local customers.

Promote Your Products or Services Through Other Businesses

Another great thing about being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce is being able to promote your products and services through other member businesses. After all, this is the whole point in becoming a member of a Chamber of Commerce: to develop strong local networks among business people while promoting a stronger business-to-business exchange.

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