Why Eating Shark Meat is Dangerous and Unhealthy

Have You Been Tricked Into Eating Dangerous Shark Meat?

Eating shark meat also means that you are consuming high levels of lead and mercury. To put it simply, lead is considered extremely dangerous and poisonous to humans. Many marine studies have shown that the larger the shark is, the more concentrated amounts of lead were found in their meat. Lead poisoning includes ills such as headaches and abdominal pains to severe issues like comas, seizures, and even death. Another reason eating shark meat is hazardous to your health, especially from older, larger species, is their high mercury levels.

Have You Been Tricked Into Eating Dangerous Shark Meat?

Although most all seafood has been found to contain mercury in some amount, larger predatory fish are proven to have extremely high levels of this industrial pollutant Exposure to mercury can cause tremors, headaches, and cognitive dysfunction. Still, it is most dangerous for pregnant women. Eating shark meat should never be an option for pregnant women as developing fetal brains are very sensitive to mercury. Mercury consumption while pregnant can cause long-term ill-effects to the brain of their unborn child.


Shark Bodies Piled In Truck, Prepared To Take To Processing Plan


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