Why Eating Shark Meat is Dangerous and Unhealthy

Have You Been Tricked Into Eating Dangerous Shark Meat?

Have You Been Tricked Into Eating Dangerous Shark Meat?

Have you been tricked into eating dangerous shark meat? Eating sharks is not suitable for either the individual or the environment. The commercial fishing industry responsible for the massive decline in shark populations worldwide knows of these risks, so they have begun marking shark meat under other names.

Did you Know That: studies have shown that the very popular California rolls purchased in restaurants and grocery stores contain shark meat. This meat is often disguised as imitation Crab meat.


Sushi California Philly rolls


To avoid eating shark meat, look out for seafood sold by the name Flake, Dogfish, Whitefish, Rock Salmon, Huss, Crayfish, or Moki, to name a few.

Marine biologists report that every year nearly 100 million sharks are taken from the marine ecosystem. Commercial fishing operations that target the shark are only the beginning of the problem. As shark is considered a viable food source in many countries, it is also considered a gourmet delicacy in others. Dishes such as shark fin soup have driven shark fins’ prices so high that the fishing industry relies on sharks’ mass killing to keep profits up. However, sharks are apex predators in the world’s oceans, and the massive depletion of their numbers is resulting in very troubling damage to the oceans’ ecosystems.

To explain it, sharks eat mid-level ocean predators. These mid-level predators eat smaller fish that eat herbaceous fish, which eat algae. By decimating the number of sharks, these mid-level predator fish grow in number, and as they eat all the small fish that would normally be eating the algae, the algae are left to grow uncontrollably. This causes what is known as toxic algae blooms. Too many algae in the water literally suffocate it and is a direct cause of massive die-offs of the ocean’s building blocks such as coral and kelp that help keep the waters clean and nutritious smaller marine life. These algae bloom also contaminate humans’ water supply.

Killing Sharks is an Indirect Cause of Sickness in People.


Eating Shark Meat is Dangerous and Unhealthy


Eating Shark Meat Needs To Stop Now!

Have You Been Tricked Into Eating Dangerous Shark Meat? Shark meat is hazardous because, as apex predators, sharks accumulate high levels of toxic chemicals. Sharks also contain high levels of heavy metals from consuming their prey and absorption through their skin. The process of bioaccumulation means these toxins and metals build up in the sharks over time and often reach toxic levels. When people consume shark meat, they introduce these poisonous substances to their bodies, and the more they eat meat, the more dangerous it becomes.

Sharks are carnivorous, so they pick up and store all of the toxic elements in everything they eat. Because of this simple fact, shark meat contains things such as urea, arsenic, lead, and mercury. It has been proven that too much urea in a human body can cause severe kidney damage to the point of kidney failure. However, urea is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the potential dangers of eating shark meat.


Raw shark fillets. shark meat


In 2014 the Southern Cross University in Australia reported that research found several shark species containing such high levels of arsenic they were deemed well beyond acceptable consumption levels. Damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin is linked directly to unacceptable levels of arsenic in humans. This damage, when severe, has been known to lead to cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and even death in some cases.


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