Why buy an Apple Watch Not Just for your Health (2)

Why buy an Apple Watch? Not Just for your Health

We all know that everyone always gets so excited whenever Apple announces they have a new product ready to comes to market. Apple’s phones, computers, and watches are not only useful technological assistants, but they have also become status symbols in a world where people feel that they must be connected all the time.

Enter the Apple Watch. Enter the fourth series of the Apple Watch that is currently selling in stores and online across the world. Apple’s directed most of its marketing of the watch on its health benefits. Their commercials feature athletes such as runners and swimmers keeping their time and then checking their pulse. Excellent health value in a watch that can also let you check email and calendar notifications.

Why buy an Apple Watch Not Just for your Health (1)

Perhaps, Apple missed the mark with their current marketing campaign for the watch. The next time you go out to dinner or the mall, take a look at who is wearing and using the Apple Watch. Last week I spent a day shopping and lunching with friends. One friend, who is a new mother with a three-month-old beauty was explaining why her new Apple Watch was the best gift she’d ever received. And it had nothing to do with checking her pulse.

She works as a teller at a bank and is not allowed to keep her cell phone with her. With her watch, she can check on the babysitter, her husband and pay her bills without ever leaving her position. During the conversation, I noticed our waitress was wearing one also, and she confirmed the same reason. They get in big trouble if the manager sees them with their phone on the floor, but the watch is acceptable. Then when she is in the back or the bathroom, she can check any notifications and send out a couple of quick texts.

Apple should take note; the Apple Watch is the perfect product for anyone who is not allowed to keep their phone with them during work hours. Laborers, retail workers and people in the service industries are your target market because it keeps them connected when they don’t have access to their phones.

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