Seat Wall cushions
Seat wall cushions are the next big thing!

Why Are Seat Wall Cushions the Next Big Thing?

While decorating or renovating an outdoor space and in many cases interior concrete benches, there have not been many options, up until now. Seat Wall Cushions are coming and seem to be the best choice for many.

The features of this product will provide the consumer with the ability to transform an uncomfortable concrete bench into something much more functional, while adding comfort into the equation.  Seat wall cushions are also a convenient way to provide extra seating that will also be comfortable for guests.  The cushions are sized to sit on the topside of a flat concrete, brick or stonewall surrounding a patio, so they will not be too big or too small.

The storage box provides weather protection, as well as another seating option. All Seat Wall Cushions are designed with a fade resistant material.

Clients will enjoy the convenience of cup holders, phones and reading material that is stored in the pockets attached to the cushions, battery packs are available for the saddle bags. A battery with a USB port can be included in the pockets, providing convenience for charging cell phones and tablets.

This product can be used both indoors and outdoors allowing homeowners to customize their spaces, also for commercial purposes, wall cushions provide a low-cost option that offers all the plugins to keep you connected.

About the inventor:

After installing a new outdoor patio, Michael Graham Sr. did not have enough room for all his guests when hosting his first party.  Many of his guests ended up sitting on the surrounding wall, even though the wall was hard and uncomfortable. Being a creative problem solver, Michael Graham Sr. who had been unable to find a solution to be used to make sitting on hard concrete or benches of sorts more comfortable.  Michael has designed these cushions, so everyone will have a more comfortable option for extra seating when entertaining.  Michael knew there was a need for this type of product shared by many who enjoy entertaining outdoors.

Mr. Graham has teamed up for the development of this project with Idea Design Studio, and together they have used their collaborative experience to transform this idea into a marketable platform.  The inventor passionately feels a sense of pride about this concept and believes that it deserves immediate attention.  Because of the great market that exists for such a concept, he wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact its development and production will have on individuals and the market(s) in which it will be promoted.

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