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Wholesale Inventory Network Highlights Scotland’s Braemar Gathering

Wholesale Inventory Network Highlights Scotland’s Braemar Gathering

Wholesale Inventory Network recommends that fall travelers take part in the upcoming Braemar Gathering in Scotland.

The summer season may soon be over, but that that does not mean that amazing travel experiences are at an end as well.  In fact, many destinations come to life as summer comes to a close and the fall begins, and several of the most exciting festivals and holidays liven up locations during this travel season. Wholesale Inventory Network wants to help every individual plan a great getaway this year and to offer its recommendations on great destinations and incredible attractions to enjoy across the globe during the season. Today it would like to offer travelers a recommendation on one way for travelers to spend their next vacation.

Many travelers want to visit destinations this where they can appreciate new sites and cultures. There are many destinations that will allow visitors to experience incredible, culturally significant events and attractions in the coming months. For those who wish to visit the United Kingdom during their upcoming getaway, one event that will allow them to immerse themselves in local culture is the Braemar Gathering that takes place in Scotland. This year, the event will take place on the 3rd of September, and Wholesale Inventory Network would like to provide some details on the event for those who want to have a unique experience while experiencing the part of Scottish culture first hand.

The Braemar Gathering is a traditional highland games that is made up of traditional Scottish competitive events. The Gathering will consist of several competitions in both sporting and artistic categories. There will, for example, be sprinting, relay, and hill races, as well as a children’s sack race that the whole family will be able to enjoy. Other sporting events include Throwing the Hammer, Putting the Stone, Tossing the Caber, and Tug of War. There will also be piping and highland dancing competitions. The event will take place from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm with the featured competitions taking place throughout the day, giving attendees plenty to see and do during the event. To learn more about this festival please visit http://www.braemargathering.org/.

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