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Who are the World‘s Richest Female Actresses?

#6 Sasha Alexander – $215m

Sasha Alexander has dipped her toe into several different acting ventures. From movies to tv. But, she carved a career for herself by appearing for significant time on some top-rated tv shows. NCIS, Dawson’s Creek, Rizzoli, and Isles, just to name a few.


Sandra Bullock



#5 Jennifer Anniston – $240m

The friend’s star has certainly made something of herself since leaving the show. There is simply no argument for any of the other cast members having anything close to the sort of success she has. She is a massive Hollywood movie star, of course, but she also sees a considerable amount of royalties from Friends even all these years later.

#4 Paget Brewster – $245m

Paget Brewster is another actress who had a fair bit of fame stemming from her time on friends. She pushed her popularity at the time to its limits securing herself some awe-inspiring voice acting jobs. While it’s true she has made a lot of her money from acting; it can’t be ignored that a significant amount of her income comes from investments.


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