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What Should I Expect in an Excessive Speed Case in Arizona?

What you should expect in an excessive speed case in Arizona (also referred to as a criminal speeding case) is the same that you would expect in any criminal case in Arizona.

When you are issued a ticket for excessive speed, there will be a date listed on your ticket. When the officer gives you the ticket and lets you continue driving, you are promising to appear in court on that date. This date is called the arraignment date. The arraignment date is simply the date on which you will enter a plea. If you hire an attorney before your arraignment date, your attorney will file paperwork with the court entering a “not guilty” plea. The court will then vacate, or cancel, your arraignment date and set a new time for a pretrial conference.

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The pretrial conference is the first opportunity for your attorney to meet with the prosecutor in your case and discuss settlement and request information (known as discovery) that may be useful in defending against the charge of excessive speed. Not much happens before the initial pretrial conference.

This is because the rules of criminal procedure do not require the prosecutor to do anything before that initial pretrial conference. You can expect in an excessive speed case in Arizona that there will be several pretrial conferences, usually occurring about 30 days apart. Pretrial conferences will continue to occur until either a settlement has been reached or until it is apparent that no settlement can be reached, and all relevant information has been obtained from the prosecutor, at which point the case will be set for trial.

Along the way, your attorney will likely ask you to provide information that could help mount a defense. Your attorney will also update you as your case develops. Never be afraid to ask your attorney questions – that’s what you are paying your attorney for.

Every case is different, and we are always happy to discuss what a defendant might expect in an excessive speed case based on that defendant’s particular circumstances.

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