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See What Happens if You Drink Wine after Working Out?

We all know the benefits of working out, but what happens if we combine them with the benefits of drinking a glass of wine?
According to a recent study, you were drinking a glass of wine after your workout is very good for your health. This study, performed by the European Society of Cardiology, consisted of men and women that drank wine during five days of the week for a year. Men drank three glasses a day, while women just two.

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Half of this group of people worked out regularly, while the rest just drank the glass of wine and kept having a regular routine.

The name of the study is “In Vino Veritas,” and in the end, it revealed that those that worked out regularly showed significant improvements in their cholesterol levels, even the levels of HDL increased (the good cholesterol).

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The participants also were part of a different category where some of them drank pinot noir wine, and the others a mix of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. However, results showed that the type of wine is not relevant.

“Our study shows that the combination of drinking wine and working out regularly improves the markers of atherosclerosis, which means that this combo protects against cardiovascular diseases,” said professor Milos Taborsky, principal investigator of the study.
On the other hand, participants that didn’t work out didn’t have such considerable health benefits. However, they didn’t suffer significant liver damage either.

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