Monte Carlo

What are the Best Attractions in Monte Carlo

For any tourist, hitting the beach is always on the to-do list. Well, while in Monte-Carlo, Larvotto beach is the place to be and be seen. Located just a short distance from downtown Monte-Carlo, Larvotto is free to the public and is home to a gorgeous shoreline that tourists can enjoy. This spot is welcoming to the whole family as the water is calm and shallow, the warm tropical weather usually keeps the water warm enough to enjoy all day, and there are clean beach facilities available to the public. This beach is popular with visitors so if you plan to have the best experience, make sure you get there early before it becomes overrun with people.


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For those who want to see a little more of the area around Monte Carlo, there is an eight-hour-long private tour that will take you through Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Eze from Cannes. This tour offers the opportunity to view some of the top attractions like the Cathedral and the prince’s palace as you experience the beautiful Corniche roads along the French Riviera.

In Monte Carlo, a ride along the well renowned F1 Grand Prix track in Monte Carlo is also a must. It is a lifetime memory in the making when you take the hairpin turn in front of the Fairmont hotel.


Fairmont Hotel


The Lounge at the Fairmont Hotel


Then, when you come out from under the building and find yourself along a long row of luxurious yachts docked at the harbor you genuinely get the feeling for a moment of what it must feel like to be a Formula 1 driver.

Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo

The famous Hairpin turn on the Formula 1 track in Monte Carlo

One additional must-see sight in Monte Carlo is the Cathedrale de Monaco. You can also visit the Cathedral throughout the day, which is a significant and awe-inspiring historical structure. Built from white stone sourced from La Turbie, the building features windows that are designed in the 12th-century style and an incredible Altar made of Carra marble. One interesting thing to note that most people are unaware of is that the cathedral also serves as the gravesite of Princess Grace.

View from Monte Carlo

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