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whale season in cabo san lucas
Enjoy whale season in Cabo with GlobeQuest Travel Club

We Welcome Tourists for Cabo San Lucas Whale Season This Winter

The annual whale season in Cabo San Lucas is a winter highlight for locals and visitors alike, reveals GlobeQuest Travel Club.

GlobeQuest Travel Club eagerly welcomes travelers coming to Cabo San Lucas for the 2015 winter whale season.  This vacation lodging provider shares helpful information that travelers can use to their advantage while in Mexico.  Not all vacations can provide the once in a lifetime sights that this tropical destination afford like the beauty of these aquatic mammals.

Whales migrate to the warm waters off the Mexican shoreline beginning in late autumn of each year.  As early as late November, whale watchers may be able to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures.  Depending on climate conditions, whale season for Cabo San Lucas can last into mid-April.  GlobeQuest Travel Club advises anyone serious about seeing whales come at the height of the season.

There are several ways visitors can see whales in Cabo San Lucas this winter.  Charter boat trips are popular choices, as this option is readily available and reasonably priced.  Guests can also opt to take an inclusive flight tour to Magdalena Bay to see gray whales.  Marine biologist tours give visitors a natural perspective on these amazing creatures.  Families traveling with children can select charter boat tours on family-friendly vessels. Guest services at GlobeQuest Travel Club can help secure trip reservations.

There are many types of whales that may be seen in Cabo San Lucas this winter.  Humpback whales are the most commonly seen, but gray whales are frequently seen as well.  Blue, sperm and pilot whales may also be spotted from time to time.  Even whale sharks and various types of dolphins may be seen.

Travel planners at GlobeQuest Travel Club know there are many reasons to come to Cabo San Lucas for whale watching.  Forming a powerful connection with nature is one reason visitors may choose this activity.  There are also folks who have whale watching on their bucket lists.  Photographers may want to capture that perfect shot and others may want to share this activity with the next generation.

Come for winter whale watching at its best in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The information from GlobeQuest Travel Club can make planning a trip to this beautiful locale simple and fun.

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