burger king hot dog
Do you think the new Burger King grilled hot dog was a total fail?

Was Burger King’s first grilled hot dog a huge mistake?

The fast food giant Burger King has been trending in the news today over its so called new food item.

Burger King offered their first grilled hot dog recently. Was supposed to be the next big thing for the fast food giant, but it seems the hot dog has gotten mixed reviews. Steve Cuozzo at The New York Post trashed the new product saying it’s a “disgusting disgrace.”

“It’s the worst embarrassment in the name of horizontal meat matter since Anthony Weiner discovered Twitter,” Cuozzo wrote,” showing reference to the US representative from New York who infamously sexted a lady he met on Twitter.

Sounds like the Mc Rib fiasco only frankfurter style. Seems hard to believe that screwing up a hot dog can be hard to but some will always compare it their hometown favorites. Some of the best hot dogs in the world come out of Quebec, Canada, where the steamie is a go-to choice for many Montrealers. So Burger King might want to take a trip up north and do some testing of what a real hot dog tastes.

Top hot dog locations seem to be New York, Chicago and Montreal. Sometimes hot steam with a steamed bun, ketchup, mustard, relish and finely chopped onions is the key. No rocket science here, just the simple things that make a delicious dog.

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