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When many people think of vacationing in a city like Las Vegas, many things come to mind. With different exciting events promoting many different types of entertainment among the dazzling lights of the famous Strip, one of the last things that comes to mind is nature. But Tripps Travel Network shares that September marks when the weather starts cooling in the area and travelers who visit here have close access to seeing places like the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam as well as Death Valley National Park, and should take advantage of these attractions.

For all those hoping to take in some serious theater during their vacation, Tripps Travel Network shares there is a unique experience that outdoor lovers will want to spend time at before heading back home. The Super Summer Theatre is one destination that offers hit shows in a unique venue that works with the natural surroundings and showcases the beautiful Las Vegas scenery during the performances. The last weekend in September is the last chance to check out their performance of Tarzan, so be sure to get tickets now in order to avoid a sold out show.

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