El Encanto de la Hacienda: New Ultra Exclusive Los Cabos Resort Phase

Visitors to Los Cabos Enjoy The Baha-Ha Ha XXVI Cruisers Rally

For vacationers to Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences this November the Baha-Ha Ha XXVI Cruisers Rally that has already started on November 3 and will end November 16, 2019. This 25th Annual rally of boats is cruising the seas from San Diego, California for weeks until reaching the destination of Los Cabos, Mexico.

Hacienda Encantada Resort offers all types of amenities for those who choose to stay there. The Kids Club and Water Playground is an excellent option for younger kids who can exert their energy in a safe environment.  Adult pool areas are also available.  Adults can relax in the spa for massages. Plenty of options for dining are on site, and just looking out to the Sea of Cortez is a treat. Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences offers much for visitors to explore.

Holiday Special to Cabo San Lucas Offered by Hacienda Encantada Resort and Spa

While awaiting the boats in Baha-Ha Ha XXVI Cruisers Rally to arrive in Los Cabos, families can venture out to the various options for exploration outside the resort. For lovers of water sports, snorkeling excursions and parasailing are available.  Families can visit the Dolphinarium exhibit and also can go to Cabo Whale Watching. An array of whale species can be observed including humpback, orca, and California Gray.  Visitors can Whale watch even getting a birds-eye-view of whales giving birth in their lagoons.

Slower paced activities include kayaking and riding on Sunset Cruises to view the sun setting over the horizon. There are glass-bottom boat tours the entire family can experience while observing all the different types of fish below.  The History of the Baha-Ha Ha Rally is it has been around 26 years. Over 3,300 boats and 11,000 participants are in this race.  Boats are required to be 27’ in size in order to withstand the rigors of the ocean, making the trip from San Diego to Mexico.  The total distance of this trek is 750 miles.  The rally participants are allowed two stops. The first is at Turtle Bay also known as Bahia Tortuga. While the second stop is at Bahia Santa Maria. The event is timed so that even the slowest boats will get about a day and a half of rest at each stop.

Experience a Dream Vacation with Hacienda Encantada Resort and Spa

One commonly asked question about Baha-Ha Ha XXVI Cruisers Rally: is why it is referred to as a rally, rather than a race. Although some boats invariably push hard to arrive earlier than others in their class, most participants are primarily looking for a safe and comfortable trip down the coast. Unlike a race, you can use your engine when you feel like it. You can also go what is called ‘off-piste’, as long as you inform the race committee. This means you are allowed to stop at whatever anchorages you like, leaving a little late or slightly early. The Ha-Ha organizers don’t see their role as making a lot of rules, but instead as overseeing everyone’s pleasure in a responsible manner.

There is no doubt about it, visiting Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences in November can lead to plenty of fun. Whether just hanging around the resort itself or venturing out to Los Cabos and waiting for Baha-Ha Ha XXVI Cruisers Rally to arrive, there is no shortage of activities even this time of year.

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