Vegans Buy Cruelty-Free Makeup is Trending (4)

Vegans Buying Cruelty-Free Makeup is Trending

It’s so important as a vegan that all the products you use in your every day like are cruelty-free. Unfortunately, there are so many makeup brands out there that STILL test on animals. This is a horrible process and useful involves painful experiments being done on innocent animals with the death of animals still occurring due to cosmetic testing. Let’s take a more in-depth look into cruelty-free makeup and some of the top vegan cruelty-free makeup brands.

What is cruelty-free makeup?

Cruelty-free or vegan makeup means cosmetic products that are not tested on animals during any stage. There are certain countries out there which have a law that the makeup has to be tested on animals before it can be sold, but if a makeup brand says they are 100% cruelty-free, you can be satisfied that the products have not been tested on animals anywhere in the world. This also makes the makeup vegan, and any vegans out there can be proud to wear that kind of makeup. Just like there are more people turning vegan daily, there are many emerging vegan cosmetic companies on the market to meet the demand that is out there for these products. It’s interesting that the tests done as alternatives for animal testing are much cheaper AND more productive.

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