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Vacay For Less Members Second Quarterly Meeting takes Place in Erendira, Mexico

Vacay For Less will be in Erendira, Mexico June 22-26, 2017 for the second quarterly meeting and is inviting members to join them there.

Aside from the business items on the agenda, there will be plenty time set aside to enjoy the

Genius Loci Fest.  Genius Loci is Latin for “spirit of place.” For those not familiar, a combination of surfing, music and yoga is how this festival is described. Californians as a way to mesh the three elements together founded it in 2013. Members who enjoy surfing and yoga will not find it too much of a stretch to add music to that mix.

Those members who are driving the two-and-a-half mile trek from the U.S.-Mexico border at San Ysidro are encouraged to drive in the evening and tell Border Control you plan to go camping in order to experience a more smooth trip.

Once there you will find a mixture of tents and recreational vehicles throughout the festival site at the Baja beachfront. If you prefer not to rough it, the nearest hotel is Coyote Cal’s which is a decent drive.

Members of the Vacay For Less who are at ease with roughing it will need to bring many basics since this is a festival known for being bare bones in terms of infrastructure. This includes bringing five-gallon jugs of water for drinking and showering, a shower bag, grill, charcoal, generator, and headlamps for walking around at night. Such creature comforts as cell phone service are not available. The most adventurous and freewheeling of our members will find this festival more to their liking.

Rather than provide a complicated ticketing process, festival organizers charge a flat rate for one pass that includes yoga classes and listening to 50 musicians.  Although surf lessons are included, it is BYOS-or Bring Your Own Surfboard, for beginners and experienced. Many experienced yogis will be there to teach yoga poses and styles so members can experience yoga outdoors. Festival visitors are encouraged to bring their own acoustic guitars to play along with artists performing.

Vacay For Less members might get lucky and be invited onstage. Techno and electronic music are the genres played at this festival.

There are some warnings from the organizers of this event, however. Since cliffs are part of the environmental landscape, Vacay For Less members should stay mindful of where they are walking to avoid falling off.  Also, swimming can be fun but with no lifeguards on duty, only do so during daylight.

Organizers have told Vacay For Less to impress upon its members to respect the native people of this Punta Cabras region by cleaning up any debris before you leave.  Respecting the environment goes along with the vibe and essence of this festival, and shows appreciation to the people who come from that region.  Vacay For Less members who wish to experience something new and who love a mix of yoga, surfing, and music are sure to enjoy the Genius Loci Festival this year. For more information please visit http://www.vacayforless.com

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