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Vacay For Less Offers Suggestions for Best Family Camping Spots

Vacay For Less Offers Suggestions for Best Family Camping Spots

This summer, families can bond in the great outdoors by visiting recommended national parks and campsites throughout the United States.

For many travelers, the summer offers a chance to enjoy warm weather in the great outdoors. During their vacation planning, many parents are trying to find ways to spend precious getaway time bonding with their kids and having adventures together in nature. One classic vacation option is a camping trip. Families can spend camping trips hiking through woodland trails, telling scary stories while roasting marshmallows at the campfire, and fishing or swimming in nearby lakes. A camping trip can be the ideal family getaway this summer, so to help families get a head start on their vacation planning, Vacay For Less would like to recommend two of its favorite camping sites in the Unites States.

The United States is full of national parks where families are able to enjoy the fun of camping while also appreciating the country’s natural wonders.

One such site is the Grand Canyon National Park, which can be visited at the North Rim in Utah or the South Rim in Arizona. Vacay For Less highly recommends this park because it is home to one of the best known natural marvels in the world. The Grand Canyon is a wonder to behold, and it has been a hot spot for tourists and vacationing families for decades. The Grand Canyon National Park is also a great spot for a family camping trip.  Both the North and South rims will be open to campers over the summer, and those who choose to stay can set up camp for about $12 a night.

For camping trips on the other side of the country, Vacay For Less knows that there are many stunning camping spots through New England.

The Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont is a favorite in this region. Here, guess regularly enjoy hiking over miles of dynamic and beautiful trails. The park also has several campgrounds laid out where families can set up their tents. Many of these camping sites are free, and the park always has at least one of its campsites open year round. Families who decide to go camping at the Green Mountain National Forest can also enjoy activities like fishing, hunting, and horseback riding.

This summer, make family vacations really count by enjoying camping trips in America’s most beautiful parks. With the help of an expert travel company like Vacay For Less, families can carefully plan the perfect camping trip this summer, or find nearby hotels and resorts where they can enjoy these beautiful parks from comfortable accommodations. In fact, for planning any worthwhile family getaway this year guests can depend on Vacay For Less. To learn more please visit http://www.vacayforless.com

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