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Vacay For Less Highlights Best Broadway Shows for New York Guests

Vacay For Less Highlights Best Broadway Shows for New York Guests

For New York guests, Vacay For Less recommends attending one of Broadways beloved shows.

The Big Apple is not only one of the most visited destinations in the United States, it is also one of the most influential cities in the entire world. New York City draws in travelers from across the globe and intrigues guests who have interests ranging from history to fashion and from nature to professional sports. Indeed, there are many well-known attractions in New York that speak to all of these interests including Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Empire State Building.

Entertainment in New York ranges from taking in a Yankee game to shopping in the most high end stores in the world.

However, even among these thrilling attractions in New York there is truly nothing like a show on Broadway. Vacay For Less would like to recommend some of its favorite Broadway shows for guests to see during their next visit to New York.

For families, a Disney stage show is always a delight. Many of Disney’s classic movies have made their way to Broadway over the years, and right now the likes of Newsies and Aladdin have taken to the stage.

Even with these contenders, the most beloved Disney show to this day is still The Lion King. For nearly 20 years, this The Lion King has been a staple of Broadway because it embodies the animated film while also offering unique visuals and a mix of film songs and compositions unique to the stage show. The Lion King is a spectacle and it is the perfect show for families to enjoy when they visit New York together this year.

For adults who are headed to New York and hoping to take in a show, there are plenty of more mature options that they may enjoy when they don’t have the kids in tow.

For months, the hottest ticket on Broadway has been the historical hit Hamilton. However, while this show is no doubt one of the most popular broadways shows, tickets are not always easy to come by. Fortunately there are many other great shows that guests can choose from. For example there is the satirical comedy The Book of Mormon which has won an array of awards since it premiered a few years ago. The music is hysterical and the story is truly unique. For something a little less outrageous, theater lovers can also choose to attend Beautiful- The Carole King Musical. This show tells the true story of Carole King’s life and incorporates many of her most famous tunes in its inspiring tale. Every one of these shows will entertain and enrich a New York stay.

Vacay For Less always recommends the Broadway to New York travelers because the array of shows can offer every theater fan a story that will speak to them.

Vacay For Less does urge its guests to buy their tickets well in advance as many of these shows may sell out quickly. When individuals need New York accommodations, they can find get them by visiting http://www.vacayforless.com

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