Vacation Store Explains Why St Maarten is a Top Pick for 2020

Vacation Store St. Maarten, also referred to as St Martin, is a beautiful island frequently visited by cruise ship guests, beach lovers, and honeymooners. People love to visit this island because of the stunning beachfront resorts and its spectacular coastline. This island is home to plenty of incredible attractions to keep travelers and tourists entertained during their vacation. This is a top 2020 tourist destination since it attracts thousands of tourists every year due to its unique wonders and attractions. Here some of the reasons why people love to visit St Maarten.

Why people visit St Maarten says Vacation Store

Scuba Diving

Thousands of tourists flock at St Maarten to enjoy scuba diving. Beginners and experienced divers love to scuba dive while exploring the coral reefs found in the island. Divers can catch a glimpse of the spectacular and colorful aquatic life within the ever clear blue water. There are several diving sites where divers can explore shipwreck and coral reef areas. Beginner divers can enjoy shallow diving while experienced divers can swim and have fun at the depths of the underwater.

Scuba Divers

Thriving nightlife

St Maarten is home to lots of fun and entertainment experienced in the active nightclubs, pubs, bars, and dozens of casinos. There are both open-air and indoor venues where visitors can enjoy local entertainment, music, and dancing. Individuals can also enjoy a more peaceful night out while enjoying the local drinks at the lounge bars. Tourists can also enjoy live music, which adds a fantastic touch of class to their night out. The island is a fantastic place and offers visitors one of the best and unforgettable nightlife.

Visit Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm is one of the most famous and popular places found in St Maarten. Outdoor tourists will enjoy lots of fun activities offered at the Loterie Farm. The park is near the highest point on the island, which is called Pic Paradis. Tourists can spend some time and also book a room here for an adventurous overnight jungle stay. Many travelers visit the Loterie farm to enjoy the obstacle course and the jungle zipline. This adventure park is home to gorgeous swimming pools, hiking trails, and on-site restaurants.

Outstanding Landscapes

St Maarten says Vacation Store is home to attractive mountain views and breath-taking landscapes that leave tourists amazed and surprised. There a variety of great spots to watch the sunset as you experience the natural beauty of the scenery. The sunsets at St Maarten are breath-taking, and its natural beauty makes them more colorful and stunning. A gorgeous variety of animal life and plant life fills the volcanic landscapes. The outstanding views are also packed with twisty sea grapes, lazy palm, and tall coconut trees.

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