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Vacation Store Aruba Recommends A Trip To Costa Rica

Vacation Store Aruba members love to travel to exotic destinations that are known throughout the world for its beautiful coastlines and features and are home to the world’s best dreamy beaches.
You surely will enjoy the changing face of this cosmopolitan country, which was an agricultural land but has changed into a power flowing modern one.


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Costa Rica, the nation that produces the best quality coffee on the planet, can be your next vacation destination if you are ready to explore the Coffee plantations and learn the way coffee beans are planted and harvested.

Vacation Store Aruba recommends visiting Costa Rica

Hikers and nature lovers should never miss the opportunity to visit this natural wonder of the world that is loaded with exotic plants and animal species.

While in Costa Rica, visiting the famous San José Gold and Jade museum that rank the best exhibits from the pre-Columbian times is a real treat for the history buffs. And if you have children accompanying you can keep them busy at the hands-on activities that they can enjoy at the Children Museum in San Jose.

Vacation Store Aruba advises that while you are in Costa Rica, you should indulge in adventure sports and enjoy White Water Rafting activities, as these are adventures that indeed you can never find everywhere. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. It is also considered a vital travel hub surrounded by lush green valleys that enhance the beauty of the area and the quality museums that speak of the history and culture of the place and end up educating you in the process. Families holidaying in San José will favor the Simon Bolivar Zoological Park and can take a peek at the fauna and flora within Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park.

Poas Volcano is a landmark of Costa Rica that is a must-see sight as no visit to Costa Rica will be complete without seeing the volcanoes that make up the tropical land. Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose is bursting up with natural sightseeing attractions as well that fauna in the countries wildlife.


The Basilica de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles


Linking with Travel Company’s like ours Vacation Store Aruba that is efficient enough to offer you pre-planned vacations and even have a contingency plan in hand are the best way that you can enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free holiday.


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