Unlimited Vacation Club Reviews Bucket list  - Riviera Maya (8)

Unlimited Vacation Club Reviews Bucket list  – Riviera Maya

Unlimited Vacation Club or UVC are members refer to it, offers luxury resort experiences all across Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. Two of the most popular destinations in Mexico are Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, and the entire region is referred to as The Riviera Maya. There are several UVC resorts available for members in this region, and there are literally hundreds of things to do in this part of Mexico. Bucket list destinations are usually places offering excitement, cultural experiences, culinary options, and beauty. The Riviera Maya came up on a list of the “Top 10 Bucket List Destinations”, of members surveyed in 2017. There is no shortage of activities in this part of the world, here are some of the top things to check out, and why it is a Bucket List Choice.



  • Ancient Ruins — If you are looking to visit some amazing archaeological sites, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, then the Riviera Maya should be on your shortlist.



While there are dozens of ruins visitors and residents can explore, the two most famous and popular sites on the Yucatan peninsula are Chichen Itza and Tulum.



  • Chichen Itza is about a 2-hour drive from Cancun.



This site is a city or grouping, of several ruins, with the main pyramid being the centerpiece.



The massive pyramid called El Castillo or Temple Kukulcan, dates back to around 600 A.D.



In the past visitors could climb the steps, but this is no longer possible. Amazing Photo-Ops are available at this landmark, and it is the perfect place to view an ancient part of the world.


  • Tulum is truly special. Located about 1 hour south of Playa Del Carmen, Tulum is a small village of ruins and a temple that sits directly on a bluff overlooking the ocean.



It is the only site located on the water, the large stone structure that looks like a small castle, is the Temple of the Wind, and offers the perfect view over the beach below and the rest of the town structures.



Visitors can wander the town and enjoy this amazing spot, and even jump in the ocean below to snorkel or swim and enjoy the cool water.

  • Adventure Parks — There are a lot! Underground caves the Cenotes, zip lining, snorkeling, ATV’s, whatever you like really.



The two most popular ones are Xel-Ha and Xcaret. Here, visitors can choose to relax, or get active and get the adrenaline flowing. Dozens of snorkeling spots are available in these enclosed protected bays. Swimming with sea turtles and rays can be done within the park, and visitors can spend hours floating around and enjoying the beauty of the region. Extensive kids parks and activities are available, and miles of walking trails and lazy river excursions. At Xel-Ha do not miss the jungle swing and the rock jump, for a fun exhilarating experience!



Culinary Experience — Culture, and activities are great, but a great dining experience can turn a good vacation into a great vacation! Both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen have amazing restaurants, many of which run by famous executive chefs from Mexico and all over North America. Beach restaurants, with cold drinks and tacos and snacks, are all along the coast and make for perfect spots to grab a beer and watch the sunset. In Playa Del Carmen downtown, check out Taqueria Los Aguachiles, they have some of the best shrimp and fish tacos in town! Fresh salsas and cold drinks accompany the locally sourced seafood creations. The Pulpo and Scallop tacos are amazing too, this is a must stop when strolling 5ta Avenida in Playa!



Unlimited Vacation Club Members are bound to have a blast exploring the Riviera Maya. The biggest challenge most face is there is so much to see, this bucket list destination might have to be done a few times in order to see it all! Plan your visit today and start exploring the beauties of Mexico and the Riviera Maya.

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