Tripps Travel Network Takes Its Members Off The Las Vegas Strip

Tripps Travel Network Takes Its Members Off The Las Vegas Strip

Tripps Travel Network is inviting its members to Las Vegas this summer.

There are many great tours and sights to take in in Vegas!  Members are of course tuned-in to the festivities of the strip but there are some other great off-strip sights to see.

With all the glitz and glamour of “Sin City” it is easy to forget that Las Vegas specifically and Nevada more broadly offer some interesting activities to participate in. If you ever wondered where you can find a combination of botanical gardens, an outdoor concert area, a wetland habitat, and museum, then The Springs Reserve. Native desert plants are in abundance here and open a window to the Nevada history and culture. A Wolfgang Puck Restaurant is even on site.

Another area for Tripps Travel Network members to enjoy is Lake Las Vegas.

This is a potpourri of restaurants, hotels, bars, and a casino designed to keep you busy in every aspect. From summer into the fall season, Jazz on the Lake is an event each Saturday for music aficionados. Just bring your blanket to relax on the grass, as admission is free. Another event called Tacos and Tequilas features local vendors who offer various kinds of tequila drinks available.

Now there are several Nevada attractions that are somewhat farther out then Las Vegas proper, but can offer members of Tripps Travel Network some notable experiences.

For those who enjoy hiking, there are two mandatory stops on this trip.

Mount Charleston offers clean mountain air, native wildlife, Mary Jane Waterfalls at Hilltop Campground, and hiking trails galore. A romantic Lodge with hot tubs, fireplaces, and enchanting views are on the grounds of the Mount Charleston Resort.

Red Rock Canyon is another hiker’s paradise for members who are so inclined.

Those who choose to go camping there to be inspired by the sight can experience the red coloring inside the mountain overnight. The late Howard Hughes once owned a theater in Spring Canyon Ranch, which is another hiking trails spot that is near a lake.  A cautionary note to any visitors who choose to hike in the summer is to proceed with caution. It is safest to hike very early in the morning or forego this activity until a fall visit. Desert heat can be very deceptive and even though you might think you are healthy or prepared with enough water, it can still prove fatal.

For those who are young-at-heart, or just want an excuse to go back in time, The Pinball Hall of Fame could be just your cup of tea.

Here Tripps Travel Network members will find pinball and vintage video games that conjure up memories of yesteryear. In addition, a soda and popcorn machine present fun snacks in between playing games. Members who prefer a bout of shopping with a mixture of bars and restaurants will find Town Square more to their liking. This outdoor mile a few miles from the Mandalay Bay resort is basically an outdoor mall lined with palm trees and many kinds of shops.

Tripps Travel Network has many interesting and enjoyable activities planned for its members.

Although the Las Vegas Strip is filled with excitement, it turns out there is plenty that other areas of the city has to offer as well.

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