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Tripps Travel Network: Millenials are Travelling More than Ever

Tripps Travel Network has recently found that multi-generational travel is quickly becoming a booming trend. The age of travel has changed. One would think that empty nesters are traveling the world now more than ever alone. Well in some case they are. However recent studies show millennials aged 20 to 29 are wanting to go with there parents more than ever. Multi-generation travel is on the upswing. Tripps Travel Network explains the fact is they want to experience new exciting destinations and parents and grandparents alike, find it to be a great bonding experience. As families start to get older, the separation begins.

Children go to college and, may end up in other cities. Parents move, and grandparents are finding themselves miles apart.

The family three-generation trips are on the rise according to Tripps Travel Network.

Family with kids and grand kids having fun
Most parents don’t seem to feel they are taken advantage of they enjoy the time together they embrace it.

Tripps Travel Network has found that the condo stays have risen dramatically. The reason for this is that people have more space and have kitchens that allow for special diets.
As the elderly may have certain restrictions, the young may be picky. This way they have their space and not be dependent on each other to wake up early because grandad or dad wants his morning cup of coffee.

The best part is that they get to spend time together as a family and tell stories that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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As most parents and grandparent will agree the other option is a sad one, it is called parental alienation. This happens when the children don’t stay in touch or call, and the parent or grandparents feel neglected.

So taking the whole family on a trip is healthy for the mind body and soul

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Therapist finds it to be very healthy and also keeps all generation more in touch. Why not spend time with your loved ones. Life is short and tomorrow may never come no matter what the age may be. Tripps Travel Network is a provider of affordable vacations located in Las Vegas Nevada.

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