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Tripps Travel Network Shares Information on Upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival

This September, Las Vegas guests with Tripps Travel Network are welcomed to the city with the upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival.

When travelers are looking for the ideal place to spend their upcoming vacations, they will have many choices available to them. Indeed, there are many great destinations throughout the United States and across the world. However, few destinations are as interesting or as enticing as Las Vegas. Tripps Travel Network, an expert in the tourism industry, believes that Las Vegas is one of the most versatile destinations in the world, and is one of the few locations that can offer every guest that comes to the city the ideal vacation experience. No matter when travelers come to Vegas, they have many options to choose from to fill their vacation time, but Tripps Travel Network would like to recommend a visit this September because there will be several great events to enjoy during the month. Today, Tripps Travel Network will share some information on one of these events.

Though there will be several great events coming to Vegas this September, few are as highly anticipated as the upcoming Life is Beautiful. This event is a festival that celebrates art, food, innovative ideas and music in an unforgettable weekend of live performances and displays. The event will be coming to Vegas at the end of the September, and will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of the month.  The event will take place in Downtown Las Vegas across 18 blocks, and will include performances across 4 different stages in the area.

Tripps Travel Network especially recommends this event because it is a unique and eclectic celebration that will allow attendees to appreciate a wide variety of creativity and art. There will be many bands and artists performing including Chromeo, Kimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, Major Lazer, The Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons. Additionally there will be art installations around the festival including art exhibitions in local venues and hotels. There will also be delicious local cuisine available, and opportunities for attendees to meet each other, and to talk and share ideas. To learn more about the festival and to purchase tickets for the upcoming event, interested individuals can visit the festival’s official website http://lifeisbeautiful.com/

Tripps Travel Network can make it easy for individuals to appreciate an amazing Las Vegas vacation this summer in luxury and comfort. Travelers who want to take advantage of all of the entertainment that this eclectic city has to offer and who additionally want to experience amazing accommodations in Vegas can begin planning their getaway now by visiting http://www.trippstravelnetwork.com

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