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Tripps Travel Network Recommends Jersey Boys Performances in Las Vegas

Tripps Travel Network Recommends Jersey Boys Performances in Las Vegas

Travelers who are visiting Las Vegas with Tripps Travel Network this summer are encouraged to see Jersey Boys before the show closes this September.

Travel should always be spectacular, and when people set out to destinations like Las Vegas where there are almost endless shows, attractions, amusement parks, stores, restaurants, and casinos, it is easy for every guest to customize their stay. Vegas always has exclusive and inviting options to offer its guests, and Tripps Travel Network is more than happy to share information on the best attractions and shows that are available on The Strip, to make is easier for travelers to plan their time away. Today Tripps Travel Network would like to share some information on one of the most exciting shows on The Strip.

For years, one of the biggest attractions in the city, as well as one of the most beloved stage shows, has been Jersey Boys. This is a modern Broadway classic that tells the story of Frankie Valli and the 60’s band The Four Seasons. The show features the band’s greatest hits, tied together in a way that perfectly tells the story of the band’s history. For fans of stage musicals and of the hits of The Four Seasons, seeing Jersey Boys has been a great way for people in Las Vegas to experience this era of music and to see a live telling of this incredible story. Though it began its first run on Broadway many years ago, Jersey Boys debuted on the Las Vegas stage in 2008, and has since become a staple on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, it recently become the longest running stage musical in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately for fans of this musical, its long run on the Las Vegas Strip will soon be coming to an end. Tripps Travel Network shares that Jersey Boys will soon be leaving its place at Paris Las Vegas. What this means for fans of the show, or for those who were hoping to catch this award winning musical during their upcoming Las Vegas stays, is that they must take the opportunity to see the show before it leaves Las Vegas. Tickets can now be purchased for the show’s performances through its final months, so Tripps Travel Network would like to encourage those who are about to set off to Las Vegas to consider adding this show to their vacation experience before it is off The Strip for good.

Las Vegas vacations are easy to attain with the help of Tripps Travel Network. Also, travelers can enjoy pleasant and luxurious travel accommodations in one of the most exciting destinations on earth, easily taking in all of the vast entertainment opportunities that the city has to offer them. To learn more about planning an upcoming vacation to Las Vegas with Tripps Travel Network visit http://trippstravelnetwork.com/

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