Tripps Travel Network Introduces Its Members To Las Vegas Culinary Options

Tripps Travel Network Introduces Its Members To Las Vegas Culinary Options

Tripps Travel Network is planning to host its members in Las Vegas, Nevada to expose them to other options besides slot machines and showgirls.

Most people do not realize how many dining options exist in this gambling mecca nicknamed Sin City. There are so many options available to visitors, almost overwhelming in scope.

Although no visit to Vegas is complete without setting aside time for gambling, everybody has to take time out to eat.

There are a sizable number of restaurant options available, of every type of specialty. Whether you are looking for breakfast or brunch, lunch spots, or interested in dinner options, there is much to explore. It wasn’t that long ago when cheap brunches were all the rage in this city that never sleeps. During a phase when the city government was trying to change the image of this city to a more family-friendly environment, inexpensive brunches were in vogue. Visitors could bring the entire family out to eat after sleeping in and eat many different foods. Choices ranged from pancakes and waffles, to eggs, to hash browns, fresh fruit, and more.

However affordable it used to be in Las Vegas, times have changed as of late.

Members of Tripps Travel Network need to be prepared to ante up some tall money to eat well nowadays. There are still some affordable options left, but most of them are located off the Las Vegas Strip.  Members who wish to get dressed up for a family meal or couples night out have many choices. One dining option is located off the casino at the MGM Grand. Joël Robuchon Restaurant is nicknamed “the mansion” due to the opulent décor and ambiance. French cuisine is served in 16-courses with a healthy dose of black truffles, caviar, and foie gras. Italian influences combined with steak make up the cuisine at Carnevino. Top shelf wines and dry-aged beef are added to homemade pastas that create some excellent culinary dishes. American farmers spend anywhere up to 90 days to dry-age porterhouse and rib-eye steaks and more then 240 days for specialty steaks like riserva.

On the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Hotel is the breathtaking restaurant, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire.

This exquisite dining space with orb chandeliers looms over a very serene space. Famed Chef Gagnaire serves traditional French cuisine with modern recipes. Tripps Travel Network members who love Greek food will find Estiatoria Milos much to your liking. Such Mediterranean faire as Portuguese grilled sardines and charred octopus are just examples of the freshly flown-in seafood options at this restaurant. If you desire a refreshingly unique take on weekend brunch, a visit to Bardot Brasserie will be unforgettable. Not only is the ambiance special but the most popular dishes include brioche French toast, croissant Benedicts, Hunter’s Waffles with duck confit and poached eggs, and vanilla mascarpone.

These are all modern takes on classic recipes complete with wine by the glass and a champagne cart.

Those members of Tripps Travel Network, who are traveling to Las Vegas with family and desire more affordable eateries, will find some choices on the Strip but many off the main drag also.  Badger Café actually offers such favorites as the New York steak with the priciest offering at $9.99. Other items on the menu are tuna melts, quesadilla and roast beef.  In Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas, is a super affordable pizza joint called Blaze Pizza. Here you can order pizza pies that are all 11-inch in size, with any toppings for $7.65.

Located near the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) is The Breakfast Grill & Café, a restaurant that caters to college students budgets, but welcomes all visitors. For breakfast a Panini or breakfast burrito costs a mere $3.99 and for lunch, $3.99 will get you a burger here. In an area called South Point you will find inexpensive steaks, hash browns, and eggs, or biscuits and gravy for breakfast at Coronado Café.  One caveat about this last eating spot is that only those over age 21 can partake from this menu. Also off the strip are Palace Station Casinos Buffets, Green Valley Ranch, and Red Rock Resort Feast Buffets ranging from $1 to $10.99 for meals. These low prices in Sin City are considered real bargains.

Dining opportunities in Las Vegas are wide ranging, from the most expensive of restaurants to medium prices to the bargain basement prices. Depending on your budget or mood, Tripps Travel Network members will have a variety of choices to please their palates.

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