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Tripps Travel Network Explores Upcoming Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Tripps Travel Network Explores Upcoming Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

For grown up entertainment with a Disney touch, Tripps Travel Network recommends the upcoming Epcot International Food and Wine Festival coming to the park this fall.

For many people, thinking about a Florida vacation brings to mind one thing: theme parks. Orlando, Florida is the theme park capital of the world, and is home to the likes of Universal Studios Orlando and the parks that make up Walt Disney World. The latter is a spot that is beloved by families for its wondrous entertainment. The fall season will mean a lot of extraordinary seasonal opportunities in the Walt Disney World Parks as they gear up for Halloween and then the holiday season. However, while the Disney Parks in Florida are the ideal destination for kids, Tripps Travel Network believes that adults should be able to enjoy Disney Magic on their vacations as well.

The ideal opportunities for adults in Walt Disney World is the upcoming Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. This event is ideal for travelers who want a more grown up experience while also appreciating the Disney splendor that they have always loved. Epcot, which is known for its World Showcase and its celebration of world cultures and the history and achievements of humanity, is going to spend the fall season presenting a celebration of these themes through food. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival will celebrate food and culinary magic in a number of ways including seminars, demonstrations, and classes where guests at the event can learn about everything from pairing wines and cheeses to decorating cakes. Featuring culinary experts and even celebrity chefs, these food focused activities are absolutely ideal for foodies, and will no doubt showcase all of the excellence that Disney is known for.

In addition to the delicious special events associated with the event, Tripps Travel Network shares that there will also be shopping and dining aplenty during the festival. During the event Epcot will also feature a Global Marketplace, where kiosks feature culinary delights from across the globe, as well as craft beers, spirits, and wines.  Attendees can get the tastes of Africa, France, China, Greece, Germany, and many other far off destinations without ever setting foot outside the park. The Global Marketplace will be open for the duration of the festival, which itself will be running from the 14th of September to the 14th of November. Those who want to take part in this spectacular event while they are enjoying their Florida getaway with Tripps Travel Network this fall can get their tickets by visiting the Epcot website here.

Tripps Travel Network wants to make sure that its members can make the most of their getaways this fall and knows that many amazing vacations are waiting in Florida. Families, couples, and individual travelers are all encouraged to discover Florida adventures in style and comfort this fall by vacationing with Tripps Travel Network. To learn more please visit http://www.trippstravelnetwork.com


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