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Tripps Travel Network Members Explore Las Vegas Beyond Gambling

Tripps Travel Network Members Explore Las Vegas Beyond Gambling

Tripps Travel Network is inviting its members to delve into activities that explore Las Vegas, Nevada this fall, outside the realm of chips, dice, and slot machines.

As many residents will attest to, Nevada has many attractions both on “The Strip” and away from the casino environment for singles and families to enjoy.

For members who love to view beautiful flowers and plants, one of the casinos actually houses The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. This is a potpourri of types of flowers and plants, colors and fragrances that line the casino lower level. For art lovers there is a Gallery of Fine Art that showcases different types works of art, like paintings by Warhol to Picasso, and sculptures from international collections.

If learning about the desert landscapes and native animals is of interest to members, they can visit Spring Preserve where lizards, snakes, spiders, foxes, and live bats can be seen up-close.

Families will find the outdoor/indoor gaming attraction includes walking trails that look over an eight-acre botanical garden.  History buffs will love the more than 300 interactive exhibits about Las Vegas history.

Members of Tripps Travel Network who desire a different experience in Nevada can visit Bonnie Springs Old Nevada that is a relic from the Wild West days.  This includes horseback riding, Western style shootouts, restaurants, shops, a miniature train, and petting zoo. Cowgirls and Cowboys walk throughout the streets simulating gunfights and acting in an 1880s saloon.

Henderson is a suburb of Las Vegas and home to Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge & Cactus Garden where Tripps Travel Network families can learn about how a favorite candy is made as they are guided throughout the factory.

At the end of the tour free chocolate samples are handed out. The Botanical Cactus Garden boasts hundreds of cactus plant species, one of the world’s largest collections on display.

As an ode to the Las Vegas of yesteryear, the Fremont Street Experience offers special events and free nightly shows that present the 12.5 million lights and almost 600,000 watts of sound.  Members of Tripps Travel Network can join locals to attend concerts or stroll down memory lane viewing the Neon Museum that displays old hotel’s neon signs.

Las Vegas offers many different tours for those Tripps Travel Network members who like to really get out there and explore.

Lake Mead & Hoover Dam Tour allows tourists to get close to the famous Dam via a 90-minute Mississippi-type paddleboat cruise. This large lake is where U.S. Department of the Interior tour guides explain the history behind the Hoover Dam. A delicious luncheon is served as part of the tour. Of course a trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without participating in the Grand Canyon West Rim Tour with Skywalk to experience one of the Great Wonders of the World. This tour combines the excitement of off-roading in a Hummer H2 while exploring the Joshua Tree Forest and the Mohave Desert, The most adventurous

Tripps Travel Network members will enjoy the Lunch Ride tour that is a launch back to the 1800s Wild West days, horseback riding through part of the stretch of Ol’ Spanish Trail with ranch hand tour guides. This ends with a cowboy style lunch in the desert.

Tripps Travel Network hopes that its members will learn from their exposure to these adventures outside the Las Vegas Strip, opening up their horizons to a new paradigm, on the other side of Nevada.

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