Tripps Travel Network Presents Top Spring European Destinations

Tripps Travel Network Presents Top Spring European Destinations

Tripps Travel Network invites guests to consider these European destinations for a spring vacation.

Tripps Travel Network knows that Europe is a very popular destination year round. But there are some fantastic reasons to visit particular parts of Europe each season. For spring, these countries are highly recommended.

The tulips attract lots of visitors to The Netherlands in the spring. Adding to that allure are many canals and windmills. Amsterdam is the European version of New Orleans, sitting below sea level and offering a laid back atmosphere. For history buffs, a visit to The Hague is definitely in order.

Tripps Travel Network always suggests visiting the United Kingdom.

History is around every corner, both in the beautiful countryside and in the cities, like capital city London. Spring is a great time to travel through the one-pub villages and view prehistoric stones, postmodern towers, and medieval cathedrals.

France tops the list of locations in Europe to visit, and spring is a great time to be outside while doing so. Hiking through the countryside, enjoying wine while watching the sunset, and even visiting the tourist hot spots in Paris and Marseilles, all make France a country you can visit multiple times and never see the same thing twice.

Spain and Italy are also on the list for spring vacations. Tripps Travel Network encourages vacationers to visit each if possible! Café-lined plazas, soaring cathedrals, and modern art museums pair with inventive cuisines and flamenco dancers in the cities and towns of Spain. While Italy showcases art and architecture as well as historical ruins and unbelievable vineyards.

Slightly warmer destinations could include Greece. Visit Mt. Olympus while in the home country of Homer, Aristotle, and Sophocles. Be transported back in time to the dawn of classical civilization while visiting Athens and the island of Crete. The fantastic food combined with the relaxing atmosphere make for a perfect break from the rigors of the New Year.

Tripps Travel Network highly recommends a trip to Ireland. The Celtic countryside brings history, natural beauty, and castles! Norman castles overlook the beaches, Georgian houses in the countryside show a lifestyle that most only see on television. There truly is something for everyone on an Ireland vacation.

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