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Tripps Plus Las Vegas the Most Exciting Attractions in the Caribbean

Tripps Plus Las Vegas suggests the Caribbean needs to be experienced by travelers looking for an incredible vacation in one of the gorgeous locations in the world!

The numerous islands hold attractions for all members of the family, and there’s something fun for everybody.
Here are just a few of them, as Tripps Plus Las Vegas Explores the Most Exciting Attractions in the Caribbean.

Our first selection is, of course, our beloved Aruba.

Aruba may be most famous for its pristine beaches and ideal climate; you can always explore this safe Island, and you’re sure to be fascinated by all the Dutch charm and culture with the beautiful colors of the buildings and its uniqueness. If you choose to find peace and relaxation, excitement and adventure, enjoy yourself in cultural experiences, or a romantic getaway, Aruba has got you covered. With so many exciting places to see and explore, Aruba is the top destination, and one visit will make you understand why!


Palm Beach on Aruba island in the Caribbean Sea


Our second attraction as Tripps Plus Las Vegas Explores the Most Exciting Attractions in the Caribbean is the out of body experience of swimming next to stingrays.

These majestic animals have grown used to human touch and will often rub your arms and legs as they swim by while you snorkel with them.

Grand Cayman is the best place to experience this. Stingray City (appropriately named) is the home to stingrays of all sizes, and Stingray City offers numerous different ways to view them. From day cruises and snorkeling to private tours, there are many ways to check out one of the coolest animals in the Caribbean.


stingrays swimming under the snorkeler

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