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It’s Time to Heal and Come Together

The election is finally over 50% got the President they want the other 50% did not. Now we all need to heal and come together. It is time to recover as one. The country has never had such a racial divide like this in years and now it needs to …

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club – OK Kosher Certified Program “One Of A Kind in DR”

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

The kosher vacation program at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club features a full kosher kitchen which is OK KOSHER certified, a kosher restaurant with a buffet and a la carte menu, an orthodox synagogue and rabbinical services.  Vendors are second to none, securing unusual and hard-to-find ingredients. The resort is able to …

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Coolest Pumpkins Ever in Carefree, AZ 2016


The town of Carefree has outdone itself again with this year’s Pumpkin Fest. The town has an annual Pumpkin fest that attracts people from all over Arizona. The official name of the festival is “The Town of Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden” that has many a carver showing off their works …

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