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Pakistani Blogger Murdered by Her Own Brother

Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch – an actress, model and social media star – was found dead on Friday in her family’s home in the city of Multan. According to CNN, Baloch’s father, Muhammad Azeem, reported his own son, Waseem Azeem, to the authorities as the culprit. Police tracked him down and arrested him …

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The best 10 Pokemon GO Safety Tips

Pokemon Japanese animation

An editor of Patch.com published some safety tips for those playing the new Pokemon GO. GPS-enabled games require players to get out into the community to explore landmarks, public places and area neighborhoods, so you need to know this: 1. Don’t travel with your eyes fixated on your mobile device. …

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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Celebrates The New Year In Style!

New Year's Eve at LHVC

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Celebrates The New Year In Style And With Record Number of Members and Guests.   Ending 2015 and beginning 2016, was as thrilling as ever with Lifestyle’s annual New Year’s Eve Party, this year with a record attendance of more than 4,500 Members and guests.  The …

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Hillary Clinton Gets Destroyed by Ex Navy Seal

Hillary Clinton

A U.S. Navy Seal veteran named Dom Raso has made it his personal mission to call Hillary Clinton out for the lie she told to an audience “in order to make herself appear as courageous as American soldiers.” The lie he is referring to is what Clinton said about dodging …

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Have A Plan For Interacting With Police


Anytime you drive, you risk a police interaction, and if you are unfortunate enough to encounter the police, you should have a plan. Encountering police is almost always a very stressful event. Even attorneys can find police interactions stressful, and we are generally better informed of the laws and our …

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Top 10 Ways Kids Can Help Conserve Water

tips to conserve the water

With Lake Mead at an all-time low and the West Coast suffering from water shortages, people are being forced to find new ways to conserve this life-giving resource. Adults may be trying their best at both home and the office, but getting their children involved in this effort can help …

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