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Totes News Worthy 10 Must-Have Items for a Vacation

Totes News Worthy

  It’s a day or two before you set off on your summer adventures. OK, maybe it’s not the road — maybe you’re preparing for the beach, or you’re going to explore a new city. Your perfect bag lies open on the bed, you’ve solved the big problem of which …

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Make Your Life Easier with These Lifehacks!

Make Your Life Easier with These Lifehacks!

Make 2017 Your Best Year with these 7  Wonderful Life Hacks Occasionally our life can seem to be an extensive list of daily problems that drive us crazy immediately. While we are thankful for not having some major troubles, we are also easily losing our patience with various obstacles that …

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Now is the time to buy Ethereum! Act Fast!


Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile. It looks like over the last 24 hours both Bitcoin, and Ethereum has taken a bit of a tumble. It seems like it’s holding up to 300 Mark for Ethereum and as of 12 PM MST time it is back on the rise. There was …

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Fentanyl the New Killer


The country has been overwhelmed with a massive amount of people overdosing on prescription medication. The over abuse and the recreational use combined has seen the death toll like no other. Fentanyl has contributed to over 20 deaths in San Diego County this year alone. It is a synthetic opioid …

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Cryptocurrency: Ethereum vs Bitcoin


It seems as of lately that the buzz in the air is all about cryptocurrency. Did you recently hear about bitcoin mining? Bitcoins and Bitcoin Minning is so popular nowadays that you probably did. Bitcoin is an entirely new currency, a new payment system and it is a digital asset …

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Sienfeld And Kesha? Whats Up


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has been in the news lately for what seems to be refusing to hug Kesha. People seem to be wondering if Seinfeld has some grudge against Kesha. The simple fact is that some people like hugging and some people just don’t it seems the media has taken …

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Lower The Risk of Diabetes and Live Longer With These Tips!


Sometimes just being born from parents that have had diabetes is enough of a reason to contract on your own. The average American is extremely unhealthy and eats a diet laden with sugar and salt and other preservatives that don’t make matters any better. Of course, you can go to …

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These Additives In Your Food Could Be Deadly!


When’s the last time you were at a grocery store and looked at the side of a box of cereal, or the list of nutritional facts with a package of cheese? It’s probably been a while, right? Maybe you should take a closer look the next time you’re shopping, and …

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Don’t Go to This Country If You’re Gay


In the United States, we have many rights guaranteed to us. One of those being the right to peacefully protest, which has been a point of contention for other countries in the world, most notably Russia. This was made even more evident by the arrest of more than 20 men …

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