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Travel Zoom Pro Presents the Best Beaches in the Southern Caribbean

Travel Zoom Pro Presents the Best Beaches in the Southern Caribbean

Plan a few days of beach exploration while visiting the Southern Caribbean with Travel Zoom Pro.

Travel Zoom Pro loves the unique geography of the Southern Caribbean islands. With hike-able rainforests, desert terrain, and volcanic rock formations comes a slower-paced life and lots of off-the-beaten path activities. The beaches here are calm and gorgeous, simply perfect for a day of rest and relaxation. Here are some favorites:

Hadikurai Beach in Aruba is a great place to try windsurfing. Travel Zoom Pro recommends this location for both beginners and experienced windsurfers. The shoreline here is a little rocky, but the water is clear, making it a good spot for snorkeling. In July, there are windsurfing tournaments to enjoy as well.

One of the largest beaches in Aruba is also one of the most photographed. Eagle Beach is quiet and only a 10 minute ride from the cruise pier in Oranjestad. There’s enough space for everyone, shade and beach chairs as well as bars and restaurants nearby. The locals like this location and it is one of the places where topless sunbathing is permitted.

Travel Zoom Pro loves Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados, and the travel magazines do as well. The coconut palm trees and coral cliffs make it perfect for visiting. It’s often crowded, so getting there early is recommended. It’s not a great place for swimming, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

Curacao’s Seaquarium Beach is just a few miles from capital city Willemstad. Families loves this white sand beach and calm blue water. There are three sections of beach: Mambo, Kontiki, and Cabana. Vendors are available to rent chairs from, there are bars serving drinks made with Blue Curacao, and there are plenty of palms to relax under.

Travel Zoom Pro suggests visiting the beaches in Grenada. The most famous beaches are Grand Anse and La Sagesse, but those can be crowded. L’Anse aux Epines Beach is located in the southern part of the island and almost always guarantees peace and quiet.

Antiqua’s Hawksbill Beaches are really four separate beaches gathered together. Swimming and snorkeling are easy here, with vendors nearby for easy rentals. Honeymoon Cove and Eden Beach are often full of couples sans clothing, so Royal Palm Beach and Sea Grape Beach are great, family friendly options.

A visit to the Southern Caribbean can be incredibly fun and affordable. Travel Zoom Pro is ready to help with all vacation needs. Visit http://www.travelzoompro.com

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