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Trade Careers for 2020, Best Paying Job for Generation Z

Commercial Diver:

These are the guys that fix the underwater pipelines, bridge pylons, or other marine structures. Most divers make about $45 an hour and at the upper levels can make as much as $80 an hour

Construction equipment operator:

This job involves driving heavy machinery such as bulldozers or tractors, New construction projects are always happening, and they need people to help. They make an average of $45 an hour up to $80 an hour.


This always has been and always will be a need for good woodworkers. This job can range from making wooden toys to help with house construction. They usually make $45 an hour and can make as much as $80 an hour.

Wind turbine technician:

As we move more to renewable energy sources we need more people to maintain the machines we use. These are the guys that get to climb up to the top and fix these big contraptions. On average they make about $47 an hour but can make up to $80 an hour.

Diesel Mechanic:

Buses and trucks need someone to fix them too. These guys specialize in working on Diesel engines that you would find in larger vehicles like buses and semi-trucks. They usually make about $45 an hour but can make up to $385 an hour.


Welders use torches to fuse metal pieces. They are needed in many different areas, from building huge bridges to small art projects. Welders make about $40 an hour with the higher end being at about $80 an hour.


Electricity is one of the essential things in modern society, and without electricians, many people would be stuck in the dark. Most electricians make about $45 an hour up to $90 an hour. A skilled electrician can make up $1000 in a single day.

Electrical equipment


There are many other careers not listed in this article that can be just as rewarding such as band instrument repair technician or elevator repair technician. The world is always in need of hard-working people to fix maintain things and keep the world spinning. Each generation it seems like more people are going to college for a degree they never use and fewer people going to trade schools. This has created a bit of a vacuum in many industries. Many of these jobs just don’t have enough people, so people are paying better for them. As Gen Z enters the workforce, they need to consider that an art degree might not get them as far as some real-world skills. Trade jobs could be some of the best paying careers for generation Z.

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