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Trade Careers for 2020, Best Paying Job for Generation Z

Top Trade Careers for 2020 Totesnewsworthy

In the past couple of decades, more and more people are going to college right out of high school. This might not be the choice for everyone, though.

It seems like everyone thinks that a college degree has become necessary in today’s highly competitive society. But so many people with college degrees end up working minimum wage at some dead-end job. The market is oversaturated with college graduates. The better option here is going to a trade school.

Trade schools tend to be much more affordable than a traditional four-year school, and they get you working faster. This means fewer student loans and more money sooner. In many trade schools, you can get your diploma in two years or less depending on the school and the industry. Furthermore, many trade schools have very high placement rates meaning you can be working right after you graduate from the trade school. So while your friends are still in college racking up more debt, you can be working and earning more than they will once they graduate. So as Generation Z is graduating from high school, they should consider options other than a four-year college. Here are some of the top trade careers for 2020.

Aircraft mechanic:

With air travel quickly becoming a significant source of transportation, there is more of a need for people to repair and maintain those crafts. An average aircraft mechanic can make around $45 an hour, with experts making up to $75.

Avionics technician: Somewhat similar to the aircraft mechanic, but their people work on the smaller instruments for things such as communication and navigation, and military aircraft, weapons systems. They typically make about $50 an hour up to $85.


Though not always thought of as the most excellent job, a plumber is incredibly necessary. It can be a very interesting job with plenty of challenges and problem-solving. Most plumbers make around $45 an hour with higher-end plumbers making up to $95 an hour.

A plumber using a welding torch and soldering a pipe.

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